There is a debate among allergy sufferers as to whether carpet is bad for allergies or not. Some allergy sufferers believe that carpet attracts various allergens in a home and believe hardwood floors are better. We are here to settle the debate.

We do not believe carpet is bad for allergies. In fact, we recommend carpet for anyone with allergies and we will tell you why.

The reason is because your carpet is a big filter on the floor of your home. If something reaches your carpet it is trapped there. This is true for liquids and spills and for allergens and other particles in the air.

After time, anything floating in the air in your home will settle onto the carpet and it will remain there until removed by either a vacuum or if you hire carpet cleaning Fort Wayne for professional removal.

In that regard, hardwood floors are bad for allergies. This is because if there are allergens or particles or dander in the air in your home that fall onto a hardwood floor or tile floor it won’t be long before a gust of air sends the particles back into the air that you breathe.

Allergy sufferers would much rather have allergens in their carpet than in the air that they breathe. So it is true that carpet has a lot of allergens in it but that’s because it acts like any other filter and it traps them there where they are harmless instead of in the air and entering your nose or eyes or mouth.

Do you still think carpet is bad for allergies? Probably not. If you schedule carpet cleaning for allergy relief you will be much better off with carpet in your home.

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