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Do you love to host parties at your home? It is a lot of fun to have family and friends over to your home. This includes preparing a delicious meal or decorating. But hosting parties also includes cleanup. No one likes cleaning up after parties but these tips will help it be an easier job.

We recommend using disposable silverware, plastic cups and paper plates. If the party you are hosting is a fancier dinner party, then you should use your fine dining but otherwise guests won’t mind using disposable dinnerware for their snacks and appetizers. This avoids a pileup of dirty dishes on your kitchen counter at the end of the event.

If it is summertime in Fort Wayne, we recommend hosting the party outdoors. Guests will still have to use your bathroom and come in your home for some cool air from time to time but cleaning up outdoors will be much easier and there is less risk of any kind of permanent damage or stains in your home.

You should also try to keep all your guests on one floor of your home. This way there is only one area in your home to clean after the guests leave.

You can also strategically place garbage bags or disposal bins around the party so that all of your guests know where their garbage goes. This will help eliminate the amount of garbage that piles up on your tables or countertops during a party.

If you are comfortable with it, we recommend requesting that guests remove their shoes before entering your home. The bottom of shoes track in mud, dirt, bacteria and toxins into homes. The bottoms of shoes are one of the leading sources of soils and toxins in a home. You can offer guests slippers if you don’t think they’ll be comfortable in socks.

Cleaning up after parties should be easier with these tips. You could also hire a local maid service if you do not have time to clean yourself. For stains on carpet that occur from the party, hire a Fort Wayne carpet cleaner in Allen County, IN.

Chem-Dry of Fort Wayne offers carpet cleaning for homes in Fort Wayne. We remove food and drink stains and deeper dirt from carpet using green-certified solutions and powerful extraction equipment. The process is fast and your carpet will be dry in 1-2 hours after we leave.

Call (260) 409-1138 after your party for cleaner carpets than before!