How do you remove old stains from carpet? The answer is, you don’t. Don’t attempt to remove old carpet stains on your own. The older the stain the more difficult it will be to remove if it’s possible at all. Trust Fort Wayne carpet cleaners for these types of stains.

The easiest time to remove a stain from your carpet is immediately after the spill occurs. Online carpet cleaning tips recommend placing a damp white cloth over the stain for the purpose of keeping it wet. It is much harder to remove a dry carpet stain than a wet one.

Particles and components from a wet stain will absorb into the cloth and cleaning materials whereas a dry stain might not. Of course, old carpet stains are dry, so this means it is much more difficult to remove them.

The older the stain the greater chance it is worn into the carpet. You want to clean a stain when it is wet on the surface. Not dry and deep in the fibers. Worn carpet is also much more difficult to clean.

You can try to remove old carpet stains yourself. If you do be sure to pretest the carpet cleaning solutions first. If there is an unexpected chemicals reaction, the stain will expand or discoloration of the carpet occurs.

The reason we don’t recommend that you try to remove old carpet stains is because the more difficult it is to clean a stain, the more likely permanent damage to the carpet occurs.

If you try carpet cleaning chemicals, and then machines, and then scrubbing and then vinegar, and then so on and so on, you will only compound the problem. You are much better off finding a local carpet cleaning company in Fort Wayne to attempt to clean the stain and renew your carpet.

Chem-Dry of Fort Wayne in Allen County, IN offers specialty stain removal techniques to eliminate difficult and old carpet stains. Our technicians will evaluate your stain. If he is confident he can remove it, he will begin the process. If he feels the stain is set in and impossible to remove, he will let you know before moving forward.

The fact of the matter is, some old carpet stains cannot be removed. Over time, the stain simply sets deep into the fibers and becomes a part of the carpet for good. That being said, if Chem-Dry of Fort Wayne can’t clean the stain, no one can.

We use proven solutions and techniques tested in Chem-Dry laboratories. Our methods are safe for your home and successful far more often than not.

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