There has been a lot of information online recently about how vinegar can be used for many things beyond just cooking. You can use vinegar for various health remedies according to the internet. There are some websites that say you can use vinegar for cleaning and vinegar for carpet cleaning too. Is this true?

The short answer is that you should not use vinegar for carpet cleaning. There is truth to the idea you can use vinegar as a natural disinfectant for cleaning but it cannot remove dirt or soil from a surface or from carpet.

There are recommendations to combine vinegar with baking soda in order to clean carpet but that will not work either. That combination creates a salty type of paste that also does not remove dirt and will then need to be removed from your carpet as well.

Even if vinegar could remove some of the loose particles of dirt on the surface of the carpet it would be impossible for it to remove the deeper embedded dirt that is the need for hiring carpet cleaning Fort Wayne services. Your bottle of vinegar does not have the cleaning power to lift and extract dirt and bacteria from carpet fibers.

If there is an odor in your carpet you might consider mixing up a DIY vinegar spray of some sort to mask the odor until the stain itself can be treated by a Fort Wayne carpet cleaner but that is likely the most you could use vinegar for carpet cleaning.

Be cautious when it comes to do-it-yourself carpet cleaning tips online or claims that non-cleaners can be used for cleaning carpet or other items of your home. Play it safe and trust the professionals instead.

Chem-Dry of Fort Wayne uses solutions approved by carpet manufacturers that are proven to remove deep dirt and stains from carpet. The Natural® is on the FDA GRAS list so it is safe and it works. We staff trained technicians and utilize innovative equipment for superior results you will love!

Save your vinegar for cooking, not carpet cleaning, and call Chem-Dry of Fort Wayne at (260) 409-1138 today!